The correct sitting posture behind your desk

The correct sitting posture behind your desk

It is very important to adopt a correct sitting posture at your desk. Especially if you spend many hours behind your desk, an incorrect sitting posture can lead to physical complaints. But how do you ensure a good sitting posture at your desk? Here you can read what you need to do to adopt a good sitting posture.

How high should a desk be?

To adopt a good posture behind your desk, it is important that the desk has the correct height. To determine the correct height, you must first adjust your office chair properly. It is essential that you sit well against the backrest. Make sure the angle at your knees is 90 degrees. The height of the desk should be the same as the armrest of your office chair.

How high should a standing desk be?

Not only a wrong sitting posture can be problematic. Sitting for too long is also bad for the body, regardless of your sitting position. For that reason, more and more people are opting for a standing desk. For correct posture, stand up straight with relaxed shoulders. While standing like this, your forearms should be able to rest horizontally on the desktop. A standing desk must therefore be able to reach a height of approximately 130cm for people taller than 1.92m. The height to which you should actually adjust the desk depends on your height.

Adjust your monitor for a correct sitting position at your desk

For a good posture at your desk, it is also important that your monitor is at the right height in relation to your eyes. The top edge of the monitor should be level with your eye level. If your monitor is too high or too low, you may suffer from neck complaints. For a good sitting posture, your chair, desk and monitor must be properly adjusted.

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